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National (NS&I) Savings bonds

National Savings were founded in the 1800s, as the Post Office Savings Bank – an institution designed to help ordinary workers to save for the future. Today NS&I are still providing a secure means of investment for millions of people, and are unique in providing a 100% guaranteed security for your savings. National savings bonds remain a popular choice for saving, offering many people a secure income, and peace of mind.

Why choose a National Savings bond?

It won’t have escaped many people’s notice that the current economic woes are rooted in problems brought about by the financial sector. In uncertain times, many savers are looking for a safe haven for their money and a guarantee they won’t lose it – NS&I bonds provide this safety net.

Unlike buying a savings bond from a high-street bank or building society – where only the first £85,000 is guaranteed by the Financial Services Compensation Scheme (‘FSCS’), aNational Savings bond is completely safe. Your money is guaranteed by the Treasury, so whatever happens, you won’t lose it due to wreckless bankers. The downside to National Savings bonds is that the interest rates aren’t always as high as savings bonds offered by banks and building societies.

Some advantages of NS&I savings bonds

Aside from the peace of mind that your hard-earned is not at risk, National Savings bonds provide a number of advantages:-

Of course , there’s a trade-off for all this peace of mind, which is that high interest NS&I bonds are pretty rare, and most National Savings products don’t offer market-leading rates.

Compare the top National Savings bonds

There is a range of different NS&I bonds on offer, including income bonds offering a monthly income, and tax-free children’s bonus bonds. The best National Savings bond for you depends on what level of return you are looking for. For instance, NS&I income bonds offer a variable rate of interest, whilst in the past, guaranteed income bonds with a fixed rate of interest have been available. However, guaranteed bonds tend to be released in ‘issues’ or ‘tranches’, with a fixed number available, and are offered until the issue is subscribed, meaning they aren’t always available.

To compare National Savings bonds, use our tables to find the best product for your needs. You can also compare other products on this site, including NS&I premium savings bonds.

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