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Online savings accounts

They say time is money, so why not save time when managing your money? By finding the best online savings account for your needs, you can manage your savings from the comfort of your own home, without having to go into a branch to deposit or withdraw money. In some cases you can open an online savings account in as little as ten minutes. And due to the lower operating costs for savings providers, internet savings accounts allow you to access and move your money online whilst in some cases offering higher interest rates than other savings accounts.

Easy access online savings accounts

If you value convenience and the ability to transfer, deposit and withdraw money online, an online savings account may well suit you. Due to the lower overheads associated with not having to administer accounts from branches and send out paper statements, online savings rates may also be higher than traditional branch-based savings accounts. However, interest rates do vary widely amongst online savings accounts, due to the variety of account types available. That’s why, if you’re comparing internet only savings accounts, remember to think about whether ease of withdrawal or a high long-term interest rate is your priority.

How to find the best online savings accounts

Online savings accounts cover a range of different savings vehicles, from fixed rate, to easy access accounts, high interest savings accounts and online cash ISAs. It’s likely that your first consideration will be what type of savings account you require – and that may well be dictated by the following considerations:-

Once you’ve decided which type of savings vehicle suits your finances and lifestyle, you can start comparing online savings accounts to find the right deal for you.

Compare online savings accounts – our service

Our free service enables you to find and compare online savings rates with a few clicks of your mouse. And the market for internet-based online savings accounts is crowded, meaning there’s plenty of competition for your money and some competitive savings rates available. You can get saving almost straight away too, with some online savings accounts taking just minutes to apply for and open online.

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