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Instant access savings accounts

Instant access savings accounts are great if you want the flexibility to be able to access your money at short notice. In uncertain times it’s often useful to have the freedom to access your money without incurring penalties or having to give a lengthy notice period.

By comparing instant access savings rates you’ll see that you can still get a good rate of interest, but because of the additional flexibility of easy access savings accounts, the interest rates and therefore returns on your money will be lower than fixed term savings rates.

Are you looking for the best instant access savings rates?

In a competitive market, all the financial institutions want to compete for your cash, so the only way to ensure you’re getting a good deal is to compare instant access savings rates. Your bank may offer instant access accounts but it always pays to shop around and know that you’re getting the best possible return on your money, and often the best deal may not be with your bank.

High interest easy access savings rates

One thing to remember if you’re looking for a high interest instant access savings account, is that many banks and building societies offer an attractive initial rate of interest to attract customers, but lower the rate afterwards, making the account less competitive than some offering a lower headline interest rate. In the world of savings, fixed rate savings accounts tend to pay higher rates, but easy access accounts suit many people who like flexibility. When making a comparison of easy access savings rates, it pays to remember a few things:-

Compare instant access rates and apply online

Our service enables you to compare instant access savings accounts absolutely free from the UKs top banks and building societies. With rates of up to 5% on instant access accounts, it’s a great way to save whilst being confident that you can access your money easily if you need to.

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