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High interest savings accounts

To really boost your savings, you’ll need to find a high interest account. And it doesn’t matter that the base rate is at a record low – your money can still be made to work for you in a high interest savings account. Despite the state of the economy, banks and building societies are still competing hard for customers, meaning there are some competitive savings rates available if you search out the right deals.

How to find the best high interest savings accounts

The best high interest savings account for one person may be the worst for another, so it pays not only to compare the highest savings rates, but to think about what you want from a savings account. And getting the best return for your money is not always about the headline rate of interest. Regular savings accounts normally stand out as having the highest interest rates, but they are also full of restrictions like minimum monthly deposits (as well as maximum deposits) and run for only 12 months, meaning once you’ve done the maths you might be better off putting your money elsewhere.

What to remember when searching for high interest savings accounts

Whilst it’s tempting to just look for the best interest rate when comparing savings accounts, other factors like tax, bonuses and access to your money come into play. So if you’re looking to get the best return on your money, here’s a few bits of advice you should digest first:-

Compare high interest savings accounts – our service explained

It’s simple really, once you’ve done a bit of homework and thought about how much you want to save, and whether you’ll need regular access to your money or can afford to leave it tied up for longer, use our comparison tables to find the best deal for you. Our service is free and enables you to find and compare high interest savings accounts from across the market. You can also compare a variety of different types of savings vehicles, from children’s savings to business savings accounts.

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