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Top ten ISAs

ISAs can be a great way to save money whilst minimising your tax liability. But choosing the best ISA for your needs is not as simple as just finding the best headline interest rates. You shouldn’t assume either, that your current account provider will provide you with the best deal on an ISA account, as it’s sadly the case that some banks pay very poor rates. Whilst, as a rule of thumb, higher ISA rates mean a better return on your money, there are pitfalls such as transfer penalties and limited withdrawals to watch out for. That’s why it’s important to compare the top ISA deals and see what is available before you settle on opening an ISA.

How to find the top 10 cash ISAs

There are several different types of cash ISA. Frominstant access cash ISAs which pay a variable rate of interest and allow you to withdraw your money without penalty, to fixed rate ISAs with guaranteed returns over a set period. There’s also a wide choice of providers with both well-known high street banks and smaller building societies featuring amongst the top 10 ISA rates. But different types of cash ISAs have their own advantages and disadvantages, so you might want to think about a few things before deciding on what type of ISA account to go for:-

Compare top ten ISA rates

It’s more important than ever to compare the top ISA rates available. There’s a gulf between the very best ISA rates and the worst paying accounts, so an ISA comparison is vital. Comparing the top ten ISAs enables you to not find the highest interest rates, but to learn more about withdrawal penalties, minimum deposit requirements and bonuses. Our free service enables you to compare the top ten ISA accounts from the UK’s top banks and building societies, in minutes.

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