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Stocks and shares ISAs

Stocks and shares ISAs provide a way of putting money into a variety of different investments, whilst protecting any profits earned from tax. Self-select stocks and shares ISAs enable you to buy individual shares and put them into an ISA, whilst other types of share-based investments, such as unit trusts and open-ended investment trusts can also be placed into the tax-free ISA ‘wrapper’. The tax efficiencies offered by stocks and shares ISAs are potentially higher than cash ISAs, as the profits made on share price increases are not subject to capital gains tax. It’s important to remember though, that a stocks and shares ISA puts your capital at risk, as the value of shares and investments can go down as well as up.

How to find the best stocks and shares ISAs

It’s important to seek financial advice before making any investments, particularly where stocks and shares ISAs are concerned, because the value of your investment can fall when the stock market dips. Because of the riskier nature of stocks and shares ISAs, (also known as investment ISAs), many experts advise that people should only go for a stocks and shares ISA if they can afford to invest their capital for a minimum of five years, and be prepared to ride out the peaks and troughs that characterise financial markets. Various types are available to suit different investors, and the best stocks and shares ISA for any one individual depends on their attitude to risk. Some of the different types of stocks and shares ISA available include:-

You can invest up to £10,680 into a stocks and shares ISA in the current tax year.

Compare stocks and shares ISAs

There are many different types of investment which you can hold in a stocks and shares ISA. Perhaps more than any other type of ISA, with stocks and shares ISAs it is crucial you understand the capital risks and the different types of investment which you can put in this tax-free wrapper. Find out more using our free comparison service, which helps you compare stocks and shares ISAs from the UK’s top banks and building societies, in minutes.

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