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Investment ISAs

It’s not only cash ISAs which can be used to shelter your savings from the tax-man. If you choose to put money into an investment ISA (often called a stocks and shares ISA), you can also protect the profits from being taxed. Capital in an investment ISA can be invested in various different ways, from self-select ISAs to fund ISAs, but it’s important to remember your money is at risk – you may get less than your initial investment back. If you choose your investments well though, the returns on investment ISAs can be far higher than the best cash ISA rates.

How to find the best investment ISAs

People are often put off investment ISAs because of the risks involved. However, the best investment ISA can be as simple, or as complex as you like. There are two main types – the self-select ISA and the fund ISA. If you are confident enough to research and pick your own choice of investments, then a self-select ISA, which allows you to choose the shares you want to invest in, might suit you. For people who prefer to leave the individual share choices to an investment manager, a fund ISA may be more suitable. Whichever you go for, it’s generally accepted that an investment ISA is a longer term investment than a cash ISA. As such, you’ll need to be prepared to ride out the peaks and troughs of the stock market to get a decent return.

Investment ISA fees

One thing to remember when comparing the top investment ISAs is the fees involved. These can eat away at your profits and income, another reason why returns need to be calculated over the longer term. Other useful things to remember about investment ISAs and fees include:-

Compare investment ISAs

Investment ISAs are at the more complicated end of tax-free investing. This is because you need to think about risk segregation, management fees and how closely you want to be involved with monitoring your investments. So do a little bit of homework with an investment ISA comparison, and it needn’t be mind-boggling. It’s also important to compare apples with apples – so by all means compare fund ISAs and self-select ISAs, but remember the style of investment and the fees are different. To find out more, use our free comparison service, which enables you compare investment ISAs from the UK’s top funds, in minutes.

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