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Everyone wants to get the best possible return on their savings. One of the best ways to make your hard-earned go further is to shelter it in an ISA. Whether it’s a cash ISA or an investment ISA, the tax man can’t get his hands on your money if you put it in a tax-free ISA ‘wrapper’. With every adult in the UK currently entitled to a total annual ISA allowance of £10,680, it’s a no-brainer – either use your ISA allowance or lose it for that year. You can choose a combination of cash up to a maximum of £5,340, and put the rest of your allowance into a stocks and shares ISA, or put more into shares and less in cash. Whichever combination you choose, it’s important to compare cash ISAs and investment ISAs as the rates offered by some institutions – even your own bank – can be pretty low.

Compare the top cash ISA rates

If you’re on the hunt for the highest rate cash ISAs, it might be wise to look further than your own bank, who may not necessarily offer the best ISA rates. Because some banks seem to think their current account customers won’t shop around when looking for ISA savings accounts, they may offer pretty poor interest rates. And it’s not only about finding the best headline interest rate – other factors like penalties for accessing your money early, or introductory bonuses which artificially skew the interest rate, should be considered when comparing returns on cash ISAs.

Find and compare stocks and shares ISAs

It’s possible to get higher returns by investing in stocks and shares, either directly or indirectly through a fund ISA. Profits on any gains made through selling shares are sheltered from tax in stocks and shares ISAs with the potential returns being higher than cash ISAs. The obvious downside to this is that the values of shares and investments can fall, meaning your capital is at risk. Also known as investment ISAs, they come in two broad categories – self-select ISAs and Fund ISAs.

Self-select ISA or Fund ISA?

Compare ISA accounts and find the highest returns

You need to make your money work hard for you in the current climate and by doing a comparison of the top cash ISA rates or the best buy stocks & shares ISAs, you can maximise your chances of getting a good return. Whether you want to know more about fixed rate ISAs, fund ISAs or easy access ISA accounts, our comparison tables present the information as clearly and logically as possible. We also recognise that finding the best ISA rates is only half of the story – notice periods, bonuses and transfer penalties all come into play – our free and impartial service provides enough information to help you make an informed ISA comparison.

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